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Thermal Management Solutions By Koolkwic

Koolkwic are experts in thermal management, and we have gained ourselves an enviable reputation for using innovative techniques designs and materials for heat exchangers, charge coolers, for high performance thermal demands in the motor industry and the Defence Sector.

In 2017 Koolkwic were appointed by the European Commission as an Expert Examiner for Research and Innovation for Horizon 2020.

Thermal Management Project News

The Koolkwic solid state lithium battery cooling concept can be used for cooling automotive lithium-ion battery packs with ZERO THERMAL RUNAWAY where no liquids are present, in the event of an accident or a road collision unlike other liquid cooled systems  there would be zero danger of any combustibility through high voltages being combined with liquids as with other battery management systems used by most OEMs


Koolkwic Applications

Lithium Battery Thermal Management

Koolkwic’s ZERO THERMAL RUNAWAY solid state thermal management where no liquids are present

Oil Coolers

Using their new technology, offer extraordinary performance, light weight, a compact foot print, and are totally scalable.

Passive Heat Exchangers & Intercoolers

Koolkwic have a new technology for a very high performance heat exchanger/intercooler

About Koolkwic

Since 2012, Koolkwic has been developing ideas for new types of cooling system. In early 2013, with the help of the WMG centre HVM Catapult’s Energy Innovation Centre, Koolkwic were able to demonstrate that this concept had huge potential for use in a range of industries including automotive and motorsport and aerospace with further potential for the beverage and facilities management industries where thermal control is a critical issue. With continuing support from the Energy Innovation Centre, early performance evaluation work on a novel cooling solution has now led to the successful creation of a European RDF funded collaborative research project aimed at delivering a fully characterised battery pack cooling solution for automotive applications.

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