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About Koolkwic

Koolkwic was incorporated  in 2011, and is a research company that specialises in high end thermal management in conjunction with The University Of Warwick [WMG]. Through our expertise in removing heat in challenging conditions has led us into the thermal management of the Lithium Battery, and the design of the module containing the batteries in either an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Koolkwic’s reputation for novel designs has culminated in being invited to join a consortium of manufacturers to design and build new battery packs which are far safer than present in the event of an accident or collision, and something completely novel of remanufacturing the Lithium battery at the end of it’s natural life.

Koolkwic, through our research and results has caught the eye of the European Union, and recently we have been appointed as expert examiners on their panel of experts in Brussels to approve project funding.

In 2013 Koolkwic designed and built in the University Of Warwick an advanced heat exchanger and a  Patent was applied for in the UK, this was successful, and in December 2016 Koolkwic were awarded the Patent for the USA.

In 2017 Koolkwic were appointed by the European Commission as an Expert Examiner for Research and Innovation for Horizon 2020.

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