Lithium Battery Thermal Management

Zero Thermal Runaway

Advanced Solid State Lithium Battery Thermal Management Incorporating Zero Thermal Runaway By Koolkwic

The Koolkwic cooling concept is based on solid-state technology. Such solid-state systems offer many potential benefits for a solution to the thermal management of battery packs ; such as versatile cooling system operation & control (the amount and location of cooling can be managed in real-time) ; the technology can be used for heating as well as cooling (very important for Lithium-ion battery pack conditioning in cold climates) ; no need for liquid cooling circuits within the battery pack (a major health & safety benefit) with Koolkwic’s ZERO THERMAL RUNAWAY solid state thermal management where no liquids are present, in the event of an accident or a road collision unlike other liquid cooled systems  there would be zero danger of any combustibility through high voltages being combined with liquids as with other battery management systems used by most OEMs.; multi-device cooling systems offer improved resilience and fault tolerant operation (cooling can be targeted to specific areas e.g. a ‘weak’ or ‘failing’ cell).

One of the well known problems with lithium-ion battery packs currently being manufactured and installed stems from the difficulties in maintaining cell temperatures within an optimum operating range during a duty cycle or because ambient temperatures may be beyond this range. This can have detrimental and sometimes alarming results on performance of a battery pack & eventually its useful life that impacts on OEM, s warranty claims.

Currently, battery packs installed by motor manufacturers use liquids, heat pumps or air being circulated around the cells in the battery pack. This method cannot target individual cells with either hot or cold liquid as the reaction time line is not quick enough for the required response window to accurately thermally manage the batteries.

Koolkwic’s system monitors the temperature of individual cells while in use and can then deliver heating or cooling as required to those cells identified to maintain their temperature within the specified range, optimising efficiency and improving performance & useful life. The targeted cooling (or heating) is delivered as soon as increases (or decreases) are sensed and, by using automated control systems, cells can be kept within the specified temperature range, rather than having to be cooled (or heated) once their temperature has gone beyond the boundaries of the range specified.

Lithium batteries are fair weather friends & do not operate well in extreme climates. Maintaining the temperature of the battery pack within the specified range is critical to their performance. Koolkwic’s system can be configured to provide heating in extremely cold climates (eg Canada & Russia) and cooling in extremely hot climates (eg Africa and the Middle East) before the vehicle is put in motion (on start-up or continuously.) This counters the problems of the current battery packs not achieving their full-rated power until they have warmed up, thereby minimising the deterioration of the pack, and the problems of a pack’s ability to store energy in climates where ambient temperatures beyond the operating range of the pack are experienced.

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