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Koolkwic offer a complete consultation design and build service for any thermal challenge, also we offer a design and build of electronic circuitry and any associated software, and we also have expertise in high voltage design and build installations.


Koolkwic’s Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite Encapsulated Alloy

This image using a heat seeking camera clearly demonstrates the cooling properties of  Koolkwic’s Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite Encapsulated Alloy, this is an extremely light material and extremely robust with super high W/mk thermal escape. The hot plate is running at 150c, and in the distance of 50mm the heat has been reduced down to 31.7c before it reaches a passive heat sink and settles to 25c the ambient temperature. This is a perfect solution for ridding heat from Data Centre Cabinets.

About Koolkwic

Since 2012, Koolkwic has been developing ideas for new types of cooling system. In early 2013, with the help of the WMG centre HVM Catapult’s Energy Innovation Centre, Koolkwic were able to demonstrate that this concept had huge potential for use in a range of industries including automotive and motorsport and aerospace with further potential for the beverage and facilities management industries where thermal control is a critical issue. With continuing support from the Energy Innovation Centre, early performance evaluation work on a novel cooling solution has now led to the successful creation of a European RDF funded collaborative research project aimed at delivering a fully characterised battery pack cooling solution for automotive applications.

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