In May 2017 Koolkwic are proud to announce they have been chosen and appointed by the European Commission as one of the board of expert research examiners based in Brussels for project Horizon 2020. This European funded project is for new concepts of design of the lithium battery and thermally managing the battery operation in any ambient temperature, anywhere in the world. I e Koolkwic will be examining the possibilities of differing applications, e.g:

  • Increasing battery density and longativity, compactness, weight saving of battery installation in association with controlling software and hardware.
  • Investigating types of intercoolers and heat exchangers for the advancement of novel design to be integrated into the next generation of vehicle air conditioning and vehicle comfort zones.
  • Examining and determining different novel designs of intercooler that is suitable for integration into the architecture of a small engine capacity hybrid vehicle and harvest the heat for other purposes within the structure of the vehicle.
  • Examining the possibilities of high energy heat dissipation materials for the motor industry and their contribution to both the environment and the health of the Nation States and beyond for global participation.
  • Evaluating the designs of integrated internal flywheel hybrid small capacity ICE for the sole purpose of the next generation energy efficient vehicle.
  • Evaluating designs for small capacity ICE for heavy commercial road transport aligned with high energy compact high performance battery calls for virtual zero carbon emissions within the nation states and others.