Koolkwic using their solid state technology for the infinite thermal management of the lithium battery in either an electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle makes it possible to incorporate their unique design to avoid a ZERO THERMAL RUNAWAY scenario that is not possible in liquid or air cooled installations thus avoiding a fire risk through either battery failure or an accident.

The University of Warwick consider Koolkwic have a game changer with this innovation, that is both exciting and beyond the present state of the art with koolkwic’s answer to battery management and have the ability to target any hot spots on the battery cell immediately and bring the temperature down to the correct optimum operating temperature both in the battery cells and also within the battery modules.The advantages of Koolkwic’s solis state technology are many.EG:

  • Koolwic’s advanced solid state thermally managed system is controlled with software that has the ability to perform infinite targeted temperatures to cool or heat the battery cell. This is significant, because this enables Koolkwic’s technology can be used by an OEM throughout the world in either hot or cold climates enabling total global battery vehicle thermal battery management.
  • Extreme light weight over current practice.
  • Targeted heat or cooling the batteries within the modules, liquid cooling cannot achieve this.
  • Compact design and footprint.
  • Constant real time monitoring of each battery and module
  • No moving parts, no pumps, radiators or liquids.
  • Can be GPS controlled to predict and read the topography of the highway.
  • Should energy recovery be used the management system would virtually be self suffient.
  • Much safer being solid state. No cooling liquids, in the event of an accident or collision there is not the hazard of liquids being spilt onto very high and dangerous voltages.
  • Total battery thermal management, resulting in increased life of the battery both in terms of a prolonged life and a prolonged charge and range. This would be of importance to an OEM as it would enhance the overall reliability of the batteries that would impact on potentially less warranty claims.
  • Totally scalable technology